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What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning integrates community service into university coursework. Each semester at MU, thousands of students enroll in service-learning courses that connect them to credited service opportunities in the local community. Through service to others, students learn valuable lessons in citizenship and are able to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Through service-learning, students meet real needs in the community while developing important personal and professional skills.

Find a Service-Learning Opportunity

To find a list of places to volunteer, students can visit MU Serves: GivePulse. GivePulse is an online database dedicated to connecting student volunteers with needs in the Columbia community. It lists over 300 agencies located in the Mid-Missouri area offering a wide range of volunteer opportunities, both short and long term. To navigate, hit “Explore” and then “Groups” to see the agencies we are currently working with.

Students may meet individually with an Office of Service-Learning staff member to discuss their service interests, personal and professional goals, and find the right volunteer opportunity. Appointments can be set up by emailing us at or calling (573) 882-0227.

Explore the Many Ways to Serve

MU Office of Service-Learning offers the following programs and courses:

  • Minor in Leadership and Public Service
  • Civic Leaders Internship Program (SRV_LRN 3028/3028H)
  • Global Mizzou Service Programs

Click on Programs on the Students menu for more information on the above mentioned programs and courses.

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