Community Engaged Learning Award

The Office of Service Learning in partnership with the UM System Engagement Council, is excited to announce the Community Engaged Learning Award. This award is dedicated to undergraduate students who have exemplified exceptional dedication to service learning courses and community engagement. Please read through all of the following criteria before you begin the application.

Who is eligible to apply: All undergraduate students currently enrolled or recently enrolled (within the last 5 semesters) in service learning courses at the University of Missouri.

What are we looking for:
Engagement – Evidence of significant contribution to a community project or initiative through a service learning course.
Impact – A brief description of how your involvement has made a positive difference in the community.
Reflection – Insight into what you have learned from your service learning experience and how it has contributed to your academic and personal growth.
CONTENT – Photographs and/or a 30-60 second social media style video that highlights your experience. This content will be used by the OSL to promote the program and service learning classes.

** By submitting an application, you are giving the OSL and University of Missouri permission to feature your submissions on websites, social media and for other promotional material for UM & OSL.

All applications are due by 5:00pm on Monday April 29th, 2024.