High Impact, Deep Engagement:

Crafting student success

For Faculty & Staff

High impact learning practices are ever evolving.  Successfully integrating new technology, pedagogy to meet changing circumstances, and real-world learning are challenging.  The Office of Service Learning can help you integrate community-based learning within your courses.  From small projects that manifest specific skills in entry-level courses, to larger projects for advanced students, to work that blends original research and cutting-edge theory, we can help you develop the courses and find community partners, locally and globally.

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For Students

Success depends on ability to solve problems.  Whether you enter public service, a multi-national corporation, or become your own boss, you will engage with a community that will ask you to use your talents to solve problems without textbook solutions.  Whether that “problem” is ending hunger, greater income, or creating entertainment, you will need to define and address new challenges with diverse stakeholders.  Traditional education gives you a toolbox, but service learning exposes you to the people and situations that create success.

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For Partners

Resources are scarce.  Funding, staff, and time disappear magically.  Becoming a service learning partner provides a way to leverage scarce resources.  Not only does service learning provide daily volunteers, but it provides long-lasting partnerships that generate research and funding for larger projects addressing systemic change in systems that impact your mission.  It can lead to quality employees, greater understanding and support for your mission, and larger, and more diverse professional networks.

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