For Partners

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Success is born of positive collaboration with diverse stakeholders.  Whether we are talking about our world, our country, state, or community, we will all be better when we work together.  The Office of Service-Learning exists to facilitate that collaboration with University of Missouri students.    

We can help you advertise one-time volunteer opportunities or events and connect with MU students who have hours they want to give.  Many groups, like those in Greek Life, seek activities and opportunities for volunteerism. Please send us any upcoming events through our Instagram page, @muservicelearning.

MUServes: GivePulse is our portal for students and organizations to find opportunities to help each other. If you wish to become a partner for credit related activities, please email us at  

Greater involvement produces greater results.  Service-learning is considered a high-impact learning practice for a reason.  Engaging faculty, students, and community organizations to the same ends creates positive results and change for all stakeholders and leads to lasting relationships that grow even greater benefits.  Imagine a freshman who engages with a class to research community needs for a grant application at a crisis shelter.  That student becomes a junior who needs an internship placement and returns to the same homeless shelter to work on that same grant that has now been awarded.  They engage a new faculty member to embark on a research project to determine if providing longer-term crisis housing assistance helps people become employed faster.  That research becomes the foundation for another grant to address employment services to young adults in transition.  

Service-learning opportunities differ by major, course, and even instructor, and they can accommodate work from arts to animal handling to education and social service. If you are a governmental or not-for-profit entity, we would love to speak with you about how we can make service-learning work for you, whether you want to start small, or take advantage of everything we can offer.    

In the example above, service-learning led to a more intensive internship.  Internships are a more substantial time commitment and normally have a larger project, or end-goal.  Feel free to browse our online portal to see our current partners and the opportunities they are offering. Sometimes students approach agencies or our office with their own ideas but usually partners offer their needs packaged as internships.    

For more information about any of these options, please contact our office.