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Becoming a MU Office of Service-Learning Partner

Service-learning is an exciting, hands-on approach to education in which Mid-Missouri area agencies partner with MU undergraduate students through the MU Office of Service-Learning. Together, they arrange service projects and experiences that meet the educational goals of a course as well as providing a needed service in the community.

Through service-learning programs, MU students have served in hands-on environments assisting abused and neglected children, the elderly, the homeless, refugees and at-risk youth; and worked as part or full-time interns in a variety of governmental offices.

Because service-learning placements are tied to a course and monitored by faculty members, student “volunteers” tend to be highly reliable and motivated. In addition, Service-Learning staff members are available to help identify appropriate semester-long activities, offer advice, and act as a liaison when appropriate.

If you are interested in a service-learning partnership with the MU Office of Service-Learning, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at or call (573) 882-0227.

Welcome back!

We are excited to welcome back our service-learning students to campus this fall semester! We have more students than ever who are enrolled in service-learning classes who are eager to serve and learn about our community. If you are interested in hosting service-learning students this fall semester or are a current community partner interested in setting up a new program this fall we want to hear from you.

To set up a new program you can submit a program using the provided link or contact one of our office coordinators who can help you. We look forward to working with you.


We have a NEW PLATFORM. MUServes:GivePulse offers great functionality allowing you to upload any new programs (events) and to allow us to partner, track and report on students serving with your organization. We will continue to follow our previous procedures of evaluating and tracking students through this new user friendly platform.

Need to catch up on a training module? Click on the picture below to visit our google site for concise, relevant and up-to-date trainings, detailed information and more.