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Becoming a MU Office of Service-Learning Partner

Service-learning is an exciting, hands-on approach to education in which Mid-Missouri area agencies partner with MU undergraduate students through the MU Office of Service-Learning. Together, they arrange service projects and experiences that meet the educational goals of a course as well as providing a needed service in the community.

Through service-learning programs, MU students have served in hands-on environments assisting abused and neglected children, the elderly, the homeless, refugees and at-risk youth; and worked as part or full-time interns in a variety of governmental offices.

Because service-learning placements are tied to a course and monitored by faculty members, student “volunteers” tend to be highly reliable and motivated. In addition, Service-Learning staff members are available to help identify appropriate semester-long activities, offer advice, and act as a liaison when appropriate.

If you are interested in a service-learning partnership with the MU Office of Service-Learning, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at or call (573) 882-0227.

In-Person Service-Learning Students- Spring 2021


If you are a Service-Learning Partner and will have students serving with you IN-PERSON during the Spring 2021 semester, we want to have your COVID (spread mitigation) policies on file. If your organization already has a written policy and procedures document in place, we ask that you indicate this on the questionnaire above and email a copy of the policy to If you DO NOT have a written policy please complete and submit the questionnaire to let us know of the safety precautions you have in place.