We are sure money is on your mind as you think about participating in a Global Service Program, but have no fear; we are here to help you in whatever ways we can. The list below offers some ideas for how you can:

  • Raise money to help pay for your travel abroad
  • Raise money for the NGO you are going to serve. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does provide you a place to start in your search for funding.

Program costs vary based on program location and length of time abroad. Visit the Program Options for more information about program costs. For more information about any of these funding opportunities, please contact Global Service in the Office of Service-Learning.

Mizzou Funding Options

  • MU Financial Aid: Did you know that you can work with the financial aid office to move some of your Spring? Using semester funding towards tuition and fees in the summer? You may be able to obtain additional aid for your summer program. The first step is to meet with Global Service staff in the Office of Service-Learning (165 McReynolds) in order to complete a Financial Planning Worksheet.
  • MU Fellowships Office: Learn about grants and other funding options that might be available to MU students.
  • MU Study Abroad: The International Center offers scholarships for students studying abroad. When you start an application in mystudyabroad a link to the scholarships is provided as part of the application process. Check out their website for more information or visit their office in N52 Memorial Union.
  • MU Office of Service-Learning: Need and merit based scholarships are available for participants. If you would like to apply for assistance, complete the Scholarship Questionnaire with your program application. Scholarship questionnaires must be completed with your online application by the program deadline in order to be considered.
  • College of Arts & Sciences: Study Abroad and Experiential Learning Travel Awards for A & S students.
  • Other MU Colleges, Schools, and Departments may offer scholarships that you could use to help fund your program abroad. Check with your academic unit for more information.

Outside Resources

Crowd-sourcing – Raise money through these online tools that allow you to create a profile that you can distribute to your family, friends, and generous strangers looking to support the travel of students. Most of the sites can link with your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. You can utilize these sites to raise money for your travels and for the NGOs where you will serve abroad. Below are some of the various options.

  • FundMyTravel: The Office of Service-Learning is partnering with to assist students with fundraising. During each pre-departure course, OSL staff discuss opportunities and assist with the creation of fundraising campaigns.
  • Facebook: Did you know that you can create a fundraising campaign through your online profile?! You can also raise awareness and money for your NGO through Facebook’s “Causes” option.
  • Blog: You can creatively raise money for your travel and your NGO by writing about it. Blogs are great ways to communicate with potential donors. You can use WordPress or another blogging site to get started! The more creative and descriptive you are, the more successful your campaigns will be.

Taking it to the streets!

Sometimes you need to go door to door in order to raise money for your travels and NGO. Examples of successful fundraising campaigns are:

  • Silent auctions arranged through local businesses
  • Raffles and trivia nights arranged through local restaurants and businesses
  • Car washes, bake sales, yard sales
  • Revenue sharing with local restaurants: Shakespeare’s, Chipotle, Fazoli’s, and Fuddruckers are just some of the local restaurants that support fundraising
  • Reach out to organizations around town that may wish to donate
  • Check out how Greek Life, Mizzou alumni, and other student groups could possibly help through individual donations, campaigns, etc.
  • Corporate sponsors: Depending on your NGO’s focus, there could be potential money and supplies available from corporations. For example, pharmaceutical companies may wish to donate money or medical supplies. Bookstores may wish to donate money or books, and stores may wish to provide supplies.
  • Local media: Contacting your local television stations, radio stations, and newspapers could help get the ball rolling on a number of fundraising options.