Civic Leaders Internship Program

The Civic Leaders Internship Program (CLIP) builds on classroom student engaged learning by providing community placements for credit-bearing internship placements. While placements vary widely they are focused in two areas described below. 

CLIP Non-Profit

Available non-profit internships can be found on Handshake.

Students may credit these internships through their own departments or through SRV_LRN 3028.  For permission to take SRV_LRN 3028 or for more information, please contact the office. 

CLIP Government

  • Students can intern in any government office in any semester, but each placement carries different expectations and has different requirements
  • The most popular placement is in the MO Legislature during the spring semester
  • Second, are placements in other MO governmental offices in spring semester—Governor, Lieutenant Governor, etc., and agencies
  • Other placements can be made in any other semester, in any state or local government, and in Washington, D.C.



This internship provides numerous benefits to the University of Missouri and the student participant:

  • Students have an opportunity to engage in the legislative process as an academic learning opportunity; and
  • MU benefits from student support of the outreach and engagement mission of the University. 

This is accomplished when the intern understands all program goals and objectives and their individual responsibilities. 

The general learning objectives for the program are to provide a general understanding of:

  • The legislative process;
  • Legislative research;
  • Constituent service and general public service and communications;
  • Media relations, including writing press releases, and preparing talking points;
  • Verbal and written communication in a political and policy development environment; and
  • General professionalism and interpersonal collaboration skills needed for working in a high pressure, fast-paced environment. 

To accomplish these learning objectives, specific intern requirements will differ by office, but may include the following activities: 

  • Tracking bills through the legislative process;
  • Assisting in bill development by working with legislative research staff, conducting legislative research, or working with lobbyists and other professionals;
  • Attending, taking notes, and writing summaries at hearings, committee meetings, and meetings with other professionals;
  • Providing general hospitality and leading tours of the Capitol for constituent guests; and
  • Answering phone calls and responding to constituent inquiries.

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