Students and leaders come together to celebrate International Women’s Day

This year, the Office of Service-Learning celebrated International Women’s Day — Wednesday, March 8 — with the 2nd Annual Sue Shear Fellows Women’s Leadership Roundtable.

Missouri women leaders in the areas of policy and community engagement gathered with MU graduate and undergraduate student leaders in Bingham Ballroom to share a meal and knowledge gained from years of experience. Students were able to sit down with these incredible women and discuss everything from politics and policy making to overcoming the daily adversity faced as women in the workplace and in leadership.

“Almost all of the special guests had some sort of connection to MU, whether they were current or former professors or they went here for undergrad or graduate school,” senior and 2016 Sue Shear Fellow Ali Bonner said. “So, they were able to lend students advice based on their own knowledge and experience with MU.”

In addition to advice on education, internships and career paths, personal wisdom was exchanged as well.

Former State Representative Vicky Riback Wilson shared the story of a group of volunteers who visited a remote tribe in Africa. They had very little food, clothing or any material possessions. The volunteers said they would bring the tribe anything that would help. When asked what they needed, the people requested only musical instruments.

“So don’t forget to keep music, whatever that is to you, in your life,” Wilson said.

To put it in Dr. Martha Quentin’s words, the Women’s Leadership Roundtable “offers opportunities for young women to connect directly with community leaders and potential mentors, and prepare themselves for a realistic future. And for us— new connections and friendships!”