Giving Made Simpler through CoMo Gives

The holidays are a popular time for charitable donations. According to Network for Good, 31 percent of all giving in 2014 occurred in December, and 12 percent occurred in the final three days of the year. Online giving typically increases during this time, with 35 percent of online giving occurring in October, November and December. In addition, Blackbaud data reports online giving in 2014 increased by 13 percent from the previous year.

Community Foundation of Central Missouri (CFCM) created the CoMo Gives campaign to facilitate this year-end giving to a cross-section of Columbia and Boone County non-profit organizations. These non-profits provide vital services to the area through their dedication to improving citizens’ quality of life – vital services that would be impossible without the generous contributions of donors.

“[CoMo Gives] is not to replace a fund campaign but to provide help,” says John Baker, executive director of CFCM. “Every organization must market themselves, but we provide the idea and the campaign structure. The non-profit community truly deserves support and I encourage all to donate.”

In its third year of publication, the CoMo Gives website and pamphlet contains a catalog of these non-profits, from which interested donors can select as many organizations as they wish to support. Donors only submit one payment and disbursement is taken care of for them.

The pamphlets were inserted into the December 1 issue of the Columbia Tribune and other copies can be found in businesses around the city.

Thirty organizations participated in the first year of CoMo Gives, with nearly $68,000 raised. In its second year, 53 organizations participated with a total of $263,929 raised. As of December 7, 2015, the seventh day of the third campaign, $60,806 had already been donated across the 71 participating organizations.

This is the second year participating in CoMo Gives for Alternative Community Training (ACT), one of the Office of Service-Learning’s community partners. ACT, which provides inclusive opportunities in the community for individuals with disabilities, placed sixth in CoMo Gives 2014 with over $13,000 raised. As of Decemeber 7, ACT was third on the leaderboard with $3,700.

“We don’t have a goal this year per say, but we would love to see last year’s amount doubled,” says Kalynn Ramsey, ACT’s media relations coordinator. “CoMo Gives is a great thing for us, as well as Columbia and all of the non-profits involved, as it’s a speedy way to raise funds for individuals in need.”

Including ACT, 45 of the 71 CoMo Gives participants are Service-Learning partners.

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